Press Coverage in CT

Danielle Altimari, The Connecticut Bar Exam Will Be Held Online in Response to Public Health Concerns, Hartford Courant (July 24, 2020). 

"The students who pressed for the change applauded the move but said they still have concerns about an online exam. Technological glitches, along with issues related to fairness and equity have hampered other online exams, from the Advanced Placement tests taken by high school students to the American Board of Surgery exams."

Robert Storace & Michael Marciano, Connecticut Reschedules Bar Exam Again—Now Online Only, CT Law Tribune (July 23, 2020).
"Thursday's attendees complained that the meeting wasn't properly posted, and that the decision was made without their input. A group of recent law school grads has asked the Rules Committee of the Superior Court to grant "diploma privilege," and do away with the upcoming bar exam."

Ben Lambert, CT Law Graduates Seek ‘Diploma Privilege’; Cite Concerns About Sitting for Bar During Pandemic, New Haven Register (July 23, 2020). 

"The group also argues against the idea of holding the test online, pointing to inequities in technological access; the difficulty of preventing cheating, especially on short notice; and the struggles students had when they attempted to take Advanced Placement examinations online."

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